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Copyright 2005 Olle Berg AB. All rights reserved
Translated by Stephen Croall

The Adventures
of Jack the Lad
C hildrens Comics

Jack's weekend

Jack of the Middle Ages

Jack in Bali

Three Hard Men


The Threat

A Day in the Country

The Principle

Visit from Mars 1

Visit from mars 2

Visit from mars 3

Visit from mars 4

Little Charlie

I wish

The Postman

Other Comics Far Out pages

The Anarchist


Fung Chui

The Bailiff

Up North

The Male Mystique


Lucifer's Fruit

Me Too

The Neigbours

Grüss Gott

Black & White

At the art gallery 1

At the art gallery 2

The doghater

The evening course

The nightbus 1

The nightbus 2

The visit to Tellus

The visit to Stockholm